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The following detail illustrates the traditional patterns and symbols that are used in Loretta’s art work. These patterns have definitive meanings and represent elements from nature and important man made objects that played an important role in the traditional history of the Cook Islands.


Manu tai, (sea birds) known as the fisherman’s or sailors motif, a harbinger of good news. The birds indicate the presence of fish or the indication of land nearby.

Tiare, (the flower) Pacific magnolia (tiare maori) this flower plays an important role in the symbolising of nature, Cook Islands’ identity and beauty.

Raranga, (the weave) symbolic of the weaving pattern used in fabricating essential wares from the pandanus and coconut tree.

Tikitiki tangata, (the people) a symbol of unity and strength.

Matau, (the fish hook) symbolises life, also signifies determination and a safe journey over water.

Korare, (the spearhead) originally a weapon of war, today it symbolises courage in overcoming life’s challenges.

Loretta Reynolds
"My work is influenced by traditional Rarotongan symbols. These symbols and markings are the visual DNA of Cook Island culture".